Shooter Mehuli Ghosh makes a comeback from depression to win silver in Commonwealth Games 2018

India is celebrating the achievements of Mehuli Ghosh, who has won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2018 in Australia.

Few people know that the 17-year-old has made a remarkable comeback from depression to reach this moment.

Ghosh also set a CWG record of 247.2. Given that this is her first CWG, that is quite special.

Ghosh, who is from a small town outside Kolkata, was suspended after she accidentally hit a onlooker while training. Humiliated by fellow shooters, she went into depression. Her mother found a new coach and that is when she started getting better.

Ghosh has undergone a major change, both physically and mentally, say people around her. If she continues to work as hard as she does, the sky is the limit for this young girl.

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