Top mental health institute in Goa starts separate facilities for kids

A separate four-bed ward for children has been opened at the Institute of Psychiatric and Human Behaviour (IPHB) in Panaji in Goa.

Arrangements are also being made for another separate six-bed ward that is expected to be ready for use in the next few days.

There are plans to shift this to dedicated space in the IPHB’s annexe building.

A separate ward for girls has also been set up. This is after a directive by the High Court of Bombay in Goa.

A public interest litigation had been filed by Stop Child Abuse Now-Goa (SCAN-Goa) objecting to children being admitted to the wards where adults were put up.

The petition said that placing the children among adults suffering from severe mental illnesses will harm them further. Experts noticed that the children would copy the behavior of the adults in whose company they were kept.

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