With these Smart Socks doctors can treat patients in remote areas!

Physiotherapists will soon be able to treat patients living in far off areas thanks to a new form of technology called smart socks.

This is a wearable technology that has been developed by a student at the University of Melbourne called Deepti Aggarwal.

The socks send information on weight distribution, foot orientation, and range of movement to physiotherapists who can treat patients through video consultations.

The smart socks were tested with three patients and a physiotherapist at a hospital in Melbourne between February and June 2017. They were a big hit!

Three sensors are embedded in the socks that patients wear while performing exercises. A web-interface displays the data to physiotherapists.

A pair of smart socks cost Rs 15,000. They are not available for sale at the moment.

Aggarwal has called on wearable technology companies to consider mass producing them, to help reduce the price.

She says the smart socks can help people with foot injuries and the elderly. It can also be used for pregnant women who cannot travel regularly. It can help support patients in severe pain or those with mobility issues.

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