Recipe for a refreshing drink - Nimbu Paani

Drinking water is the best way to quench thirst and keep the body hydrated. Adding some flavors to the water can turn it onto a refreshing drink.

Here is a simple recipe for making delicious and refreshing ‘Nimbu Paani’ or Lemon water.

Take a vessel and squeeze two lemons into it. Now add water and sugar to it as per taste and mix till the sugar dissolves.

Some people also like to add a little salt to the solution for a more vibrant flavor.

Add ice cubes to make the drink cooler. Adding mint leaves can make the drink even more refreshing.

‘Nimbu Paani’ is not only good for hydrating the body, it also has medicinal benefits. It is extremely beneficial for digestion and also provides Vitamin C to the body.

The drink is easy to make and needs only a few common household items.

So if you are feeling hot and tired, have a glass or two of ‘Nimbu Paani’ and refresh yourself.

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