‘Travel Tales’ event in Bengaluru shared experiences of disabled travellers

The recent ‘Travel Tales’ event in Bengaluru was organized by ‘Enable Travels’. The event witnessed disabled people from across Bengaluru coming together to share their experiences about travelling across various parts of the world, and some of them did it alone!

Mrinamayi Abroal is on a wheelchair and she even has a blog that talks about her various travel experiences. Abroal has been to many places in India and abroad. She says that travelling to Rajasthan has been one of the best because many places in the state are accessible. She added that the gardens of most of the places were accessible. But many palaces were not.

Jyothishree said that she plans to travel to Kerala and Jaipur alone this year. She recollects how she had a great time at Pondicherry seeing the ocean and sea. She added that she has learnt to travel alone, and is looking forward to do solo trips.

Ajmal Muhammad is deaf. Hailing from Kerala, this young lad lives alone in Bengaluru now. He remembers how he took a solo trip to Bengaluru a few years ago on his birthday. From then, he has been doing solo trips.

Virali Modi is on a wheelchair and she has done some remarkable things to make travel easy for disabled. An activist, Virali has travelled to many places. She says that her experience in Thailand was the best. She adds that almost all the tourist places in Thailand are disabled friendly.

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