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Augmented Reality Sign Language app translates many sign language versions

Three college students in the United States have created an app that sounds awesome. It is a mobile app that translates sign language!

This mobile app is called Augmented Reality Sign Language. The app can translate between different versions of sign language.

The app will translate what a deaf person signs to a person who does not know sign language. When the non-signer speaks, the app will translate it to sign language.

Jacky Chen is one of the developers of the app. He says that the best part about the app is that it can translate multiple forms of sign language.

There is no universal form of sign language. Different countries have their own sign language. American Sign Language is very different from English Sign Language. There are more than 300 different sign languages in the world.

However, as the developers themselves point out, there are limitations to this new technology. There are chances that the translation can convey a wrong message. Some details can be missed out or be incorrect.

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