Prime Minister Narendra Modi will fast for a day against Parliament disruptions

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will observe a one-day fast on 12 April to protest against Parliament disruptions.

PM Modi will also be accompanied by BJP President Amit Shah and other party members.

The recent session of Parliament witnessed constant disruptions by the members.This caused wastage of valuable working hours and important bills could not be passed.

As per reports, Lok Sabha lost around 128 hours due to disruptions and adjournments during the session.

On the day of fasting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will continue to do his daily work that includes meeting people, officials, and clearing files.

PM Modi also said BJP MPs and leaders will take a special initiative between 14 April and 5 May.

They will spend a night with people of scheduled castes and tribes who live in more than 20,844 Indian villages.

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