Kerala to set up an exclusive commission for the elderly

Kerala is the state with the largest population of senior citizens in India. The state has more than 42 lakh senior citizens.

To give them adequate attention, the Kerala government is setting up an exclusive commission for the elderly. The commission will exclusively deal with the issues faced by them.

In 2006, Kerala had started a Age Old Policy for senior citizens. The aim of this is to ensure maximum safety and security. It gave them a forum to raise their concerns and get a solution for their grievances.

The Minister for Health and Social Justice KK Shylaja has said that despite the Age Old Policy, the elderly in the state face many issues.

The minister has said that the Kerala government will soon announce the formation of the commission for senior citizens. The commission will make sure that atrocities towards the elderly are reduced.

According to the State Economic Review 2017, of the 42 lakh elderly people in Kerala, 13% are above the age of 80 years.

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