Woman with autism returns to family in New Zealand from India

Jessica Doody, a young woman with autism, has returned to her relieved family in New Zealand. Jessica had changed her name and followed her boyfriend to India. Her father had visited her in Patiala in Punjab to request her to come back.

24-year-old Jessica got a new passport and travelled to Patiala in March to live with her boyfriend, Gurdeep Singh, also known as Garry Anttal.

Her father, Craig, flew down to Patiala to look for her. He was worried for her safety as he said she had the mental capacity of a teenager and would be vulnerable.

Five international agencies were involved in the search for Jessica. Police in Patiala found her living with her boyfriend and his parents.

Jessica told her father she had no intention of going back home. However, she arrived home in Christchurch suddenly on Tuesday.

Her family is happy to have her back.

Jessica flew to India under the name of Kathleen Garry-Anttal, to be with her boyfriend. Her family said she would be unhappy without her support network.

Her phone was switched off and her Facebook account disabled.

Jessica Doody met Singh in Christchurch two years ago and started living together. When he asked her to travel to India, her family did not agree. They got a court to impose a travel ban on Jessica so that she could not leave the country.

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