Put up boards highlighting rights of disabled people outside schools, says education board

The Education department has asked all schools across Punjab to put up boards that highlight rights of people with disabilities. The High Court of Punjab has asserted that boards must be kept outside gates of schools. The Education department has given a two week deadline to schools to complete the procedure.

The department stressed that free education must be provided for people with disabilities. They must be given free education materials and schools must also ensure that classes are given in sign language for disabled people. The Punjab School Education Board will also provide interpreters and writers for students with disabilities.

According to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016, disabled students have to be given free admission and education to schools across India. They must also be provided with free transport to schools. Disabled students who want to participate in sports events must be provided the opportunity without any discrimination.

The Punjab School Education Board ensures that disabled students are given special question papers and the freedom to choose the subject that they want so that they can complete their education.

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