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Good Vibes app enables deaf-blind people for two-way communication

Cheil WW India has launched Good Vibes app, a mobile application that enables two-way communication for people with deaf-blindness.

The app won four Abby Awards at the recent held Goa Fest 2018. One of the awards was the Gold Abby for Technology (Utility/Tool).

There are around 600,000 deaf-blind people around the world. Many more remain unknown. Ninety-five per cent what people learn is through the eyes and ears. This means that people with deaf-blindness are at a big disadvantage as they can neither see nor hear.

There has been progress of technology in many aspects. However, people with deaf blindness have been ignored. The only medium of interpersonal communication is pro-tactile sign language. This requires physical contact with a person who can interpret it. This makes them feel dependent on caregivers or family members.

Braille allows people with deaf-blindness to read, but it remains a one-way communication system. What they really need is a way to communicate with each other, and with the rest of the world. The language has to be tactile.

The Cheil team has combined the simplicity of the Morse Code with the smartphone's ability to vibrate. The Good Vibes mobile app has been designed and developed.to represent the alphabet in a binary fashion.

The Good Vibes app can take tactile input and transmit it as tactile output. The app works on a set of hand gestures and taps, helping the deaf-blind community to connect and chat with each other.

The app was developed with the NGO Sense International (India). This is an NGO that works towards providing access to advice, opportunities, and support for the deaf-blind community.

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