Excess sugar intake leads to dementia and cancer, says new study

According to a recent study, too much of sugar in your diet can lead to dementia and cancer. The World Health Organization has recommended that adults consume very less sugar in order to prevent many diseases. Adults must lessen their sugar intake up to 10 percent of their total energy intake. That means, an adult can have only 12 teaspoons of sugar daily.

The study has found out that most of the people have sugar by exceeding their limits. We often add sugar in coffee or tea and other foods. ‘Free Sugar’ is often found in processed foods as well. Manufacturer ensures that sugar is added in all their processed foods.

Our livers have the ability to change sugar into fat. This can have a negative impact on regular body functions. It can affect the brain as well leading to diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Even though there are many other factors like environmental factors and genes that determine many diseases, sugar is found to be a major culprit. Hence, cutting down on sugar is important for one’s well-being.

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