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How to select activities for children with disabilities

April 13, 2018

Having fun and enjoyment is a must for every child. Sports and games are source of fun and physical activity for kids with disabilities.

They not only help kids have a great time but also make them learn other skills.

Meeting other kids, socializing and working as a team are part of the activities. They also help in the development of the child and teach them to realize their own potential.

Here are a few ideas to consider while selecting activities for children with disabilities.

- The main factor while selecting a activity for a disabled child is that it should be fun. Kids quit a sport or activity when they stop having fun. It is vital to choose the activity as per the needs and interest of the child.

- Before the activity begins, set goals to get the full benefit of the effort. Simple goals can be set, such as making new friends, developing skills, being independent. Encourage the child with smaller goals like make two friends.

- Explain the rules of the game or activity that is to be played to the child.

- Encourage the child to share the experience with you afterwards. Ask them what they learned from the activity and what will be the next goal.

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