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Activity ideas for parents of disabled children

Parents can spend quality time with children with disabilities by engaging in various types of activities.

Activities are a fun way of learning new skills and helping the children become independent.

Here are some simple and fun activities that can be done by children with disabilities.

  1. Create a texture book- this can be done by pasting fabrics and materials with different textures on a scrap book or a simple notebook pages. Sand paper, bubble wrap, foam wash cloth, can be used as different textures.

  2. Smell tour- take the child for a tour to smell different places such as frits shops, flower shops, pet shops, perfume shops and help them experience the smells.

  3. Sensory park - Going to a sensory park is also a great fun activity for a child with disabilities.

  4. Dress up - Make dresses with thick paper or cardboard to play dress up and have fun with various costumes.

  5. Match pictures- Take pairs of similar pictures or photoes and play the game of matching them.

  6. Sensory games- You can also create sensory games with stuff at home such as food items, toys etc.

  7. Paint- Stick a thick paper on the wall so that child can paint it.

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