Do you know the real age of these famous South Indian actors!

South Indian actors are famous all over the country and abroad. Their acting and dancing skills have won them millions of fans.

Here is some more information about the most loved South Indian actors.

Joseph Vijay is 43 years old and his date of birth is 22 June, 1974. Vijay has been working in the films for more than 20 years. The actor charges a fee of 30-40 crores for a film.

Rama Rao Jr or NTR Jr was born on 20 May 1983 in Hyderabad and is 34 years old. He has worked in 27 films and won several awards.

Ravi Teja was born on 26 January 1968 and has worked in more than 60 films so far. The much loved actor is 50 years old.

Dhanush was born on 28 July 1983 in Chennai and is 34 years old. He has worked in many Hindi movies as well.

Allu Arjun is also called Bunny by his fans and was born on April 8, 1983. The young actor is known for his energetic roles and has been acting for 10 years.

Prabhas the star of Bahubaali movies, was born on 23 October, 1979. He is 38 years old and had started his movie career with Eshwar in 2002.

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