Disabled people are denied basic rights, says top rights body

The central government had filed an affidavit with Delhi High Court denying disabled people the right to visit the Haj on the grounds that disabled Indians visit the Haj to beg and do not come back.

Its a statement that has not gone down well with the National Platform for the Rights of the Disabled (NPRD). The NRPD has criticised the central government for bringing out such an affidavit. They say its another instance of how the central government is denying them rights.

Portraying people with disabilities as beggars is discriminatory and against their rights, says the NRPD.

In a statement, the NRPD said that the government has been very insensitive in using certain terms in their affidavit. Terms like ‘divyang’ which are not accepted by the disabled, are used in the affidavit.

The statement also says that disabled people in India continue to be denied their dignity, accommodation, and even recognition of their rights as equal and productive citizens in the country.

Meanwhile, the Center has told Delhi High Court that they will reconsider their petition on disabled people visiting the Haj.

The screening of disabled people travelling to the Haj was advised by the Center in 2012. The Delhi High Court took the case up this week.