Excessive use of smart phone leads to depression and anxiety, says new study

A recent study has found that excessive use of smart phones can lead to depression, anxiety and loneliness. The study asserted that the more people are indulged in social media, the lesser their connection to real social world will be. The study that was published by a university in the United States asserts the importance of using smart phones lesser. The study says that excessive usage of smart phones is like drug abuse, and has its same effects as well.

The study was conducted on 135 participants from the United States. According to researchers, loneliness happens because the person does not have a face-to-face interaction with others. There is no form of communication where the body language is involved. Signals cannot be interpreted as well.

Researchers found that people who use smart phones excessively are often multi-tasking. They will be studying, watching TV or even eating food while checking their phones! This does not provide any relief or relaxation to the body of the smart phone user. This in turn, will have a deep impact on the person.

Notifications from social media and vibrations from phone, makes you check your phone all the time.

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