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Baaghi movie review by a blind critic

A blind perspective:

Baaghi is an action movie starring Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor and Sudheer Babu and is directed by Sabbir Khan & produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

The movie starts with Sia (Shraddha) getting kidnapped and taken to Bangkok by a criminal, Raghav (Sudheer). Ronny (Tiger), who is informed of her kidnapping by Sia's father, then leaves for a Bangkok to rescue her. The rest of the first half gives the audience a flashback of the events that happened before Sia's kidnapping and completely takes place in the beautiful backwaters of Kerala.

Ronny & Sia first meet in a train while travelling to Kerala and immediately fall in love. Raghav, who is a typical villain and an extremely wealthy businessman, also sees her in the train & falls in love with her too. Raghav decides to marry Sia. Sia's dad, who loves money a lot, agrees to let Raghav marry his daughter in exchange for money. In the meantime, Ronny joins a martial arts training center in Kerala, to train under a master who also happens to be Raghav's father. Ronny fights bitterly against Raghav who tries to separate the two lovers, while Sia's father manages to trick Sia into hating Ronny.

In the second half of the movie, Ronny arrives in Bangkok and with the help of a blind taxi driver Hanuman (Sanjay Mishra) and his son-in-law (Sumit Gulati) they manage to save Sia and escape from Raghav. However, Raghav once again catches them and takes Sia back to his 10-floor Bangkok headquarters where Raghav keeps some of the best martial arts criminals. Ronny returns again and finally saves Sia from Raghav & his other gangsters. The movie is a combination of romance, comedy & is an enjoyable one. Tiger's dialogs such as 'Abhi to maine start hi kiya hain' and 'China ka mal jyada nahi tikta' managed to make the audience laugh.

Over all, the movie is a good watch. Tiger and Shraddha have performed nicely. However, as a blind audience, one finds it difficult to understand the movie from a visual point of view as there are some past & present scenes shown through 'flashbacks'. For example, there is a scene where Ronny reaches to save Sia, suddenly a flashback of an event in Kerala is shown.

A sighted perspective:

Baaghi is a one-time watch movie that still relies on clichés such as an invincible hero, a helpless heroine and a ruthless villain who seems invincible at first but is finally defeated by the hero in the end. Watch Baaghi for its above average action scenes and great sets, but do not go for it expecting a unique story and award-winning acting.

The movie can be enjoyed by the blind audience as well. However, there are certain flashback scenes and physical comedy portions that need an audio explanation.

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