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Accenture to launch Drishti, an Artificial Intelligence based solution to help blind people in India

Accenture is all set to introduce Drishti in India. Drishti is the name of a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solution developed to improve the lives of blind people at the workplace.

Drishti will improve the way blind people experience the work and improve workplace productivity as well.

The solution has been developed as part of Accenture's Tech4Good program. The program aims to improve the way people live and work in the world by solving complex social challenges.

Drishti is a smartphone-based solution that uses AI technologies such as image recognition, natural language processing, and natural language generation capabilities. These technologies are used to describe the surrounding environment to the blind user.

Through narration Drishti provides to the user a description of the number of people in the room along with their gender, age, and emotion based on their facial expressions. It was developed with 10 blind professionals in India in a partnership between Accenture and the National Association for the Blind in India.

Drishti can also read text from books and documents as well as identify obstacles such as doors.

Drishti is currently being tested in South Africa. A Spanish language version is in the works in Argentina.

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