Driverless cars for the blind, experts want automobile companies to come forward

Experts have stressed on the need for driverless cars that can be used by the blind. Analysts from the autonomous car industry said that experts are analyzing how blind people can use these driverless cars. There will be many competing demands to such driverless cars but if introduced, this will be a boon to blind people.

In 2012, Steve Mahan who is blind, had hopped into the driver’s seat of a car. He drove through the drive-in of Taco Bell, and the video had gone viral and had more than 8 million views online. This had inspired many blind people to try their hand in driving. Mahan said that it was his first experience behind the wheels and it was amazing.

It has been more than 7 years since the video that was produced by Google came out. But till now, automobile industry has not done anything for a driverless car.

Spokespeople from the General Motors Cruise AV group, Nissan North America Inc. and Toyota Research Institute have said that their companies are committed to accessibility. But they have not given more details about it.

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