Radiation from cell phones can lead to infertility in men

A recent study has found out that radiation from cell phones can cause infertility in men. Keeping cell phones inside the front pockets on the pants can lead to intense exposure to radiation that affects the testes and quality of sperm in men. The electromagnetic radiation has extreme negative health impacts on a person and can even lead to cancer!

Manas Ganguly is the Founder of Brightsandz Clean Tech. Ganguly says that cell phone radiation is the worst type pollution and is hard to detect because it is invisible. He added that the radiation produced by cell phones can damage the environment and one’s health as well. It is one of the negative effects of technology.

The radiation from cell phones can also affect brain activity leading to lack of sleep, headache and even reduced production of melatonin. Those who plan to have children must be very careful with the usage of their cell phones. The phones must always be kept in the back pockets and they must also keep a check on using phones excessively.

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