India lacks schools for disabled children

There are millions of schools in India, and education has always been given importance in both rural and urban India. But there are very few schools that cater to disabled children. The government has not been able to give the number of disabled children who lives in India. But reports say that there are at least 2.5 million disabled children. It is high-time that the government takes initiatives to cater to their educational needs.

United Nations had published a report in the year 2015. The report said that there are 900,000 disabled children who pass out from schools in the country. In 2011, a census was taken revealing that 45 percent of the disabled population in India are illiterate.

The Right to Education Act 2008 asserts that 25 percent seats must be provided to children with disabilities and those who come from economically backward classes. But most of the schools refuse to accept children with disabilities, and does not give them admission in normal schools. Lack of teachers who can cater to disabled children and social stigma attached to this are the main reasons.

Disabled children, parents and NGO’s are raising their voice against this. The government also must ensure that The Rights to Education Act 2008 is implemented well in India.

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