Painting with watercolors helped this elderly woman cope with the effects of dementia

Living with Alzheimer's disease can be a lonely existence for many people with dementia.

However, for Pat Rayfield from the United Kingdom living with Alzheimer's disease brought out her creative side.

Eleven years ago, Pat started to paint after encouragement from her husband of 70 years. She started off by painting watercolours of flowers and everyday objects.

As her talent and confidence grew, she tried her hand at more challenging subjects like wildlife and nature.

Her daughter took her for a weekend watercolour course and her talent developed even further. Her family says taking up watercolours helped Pat cope with her deteriorating memory loss.

Pat was happy and relaxed when she was painting and forgot her anxieties and worries.

Experts say that like painting there are many creative activities which don't rely on memory that people with dementia can enjoy.

For Pat, her love of painting continued into her final days.

Her last painting was a vibrant image of autumnal colours, and was completed in December 2016. She died three months later.

After she died, her children collected her 200 paintings together and had them framed. They are putting up an exhibition of the work. The pictures will be sold to raise money for an organization that works with patients of dementia.

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