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Parental tips for sibling of a child with autism

April 15, 2018

For a child with autism, their siblings can make an important role in their lives.

Siblings can help provide the support and comfort needed by a child with autism. However, for the parents, it may cause emotional issues like feeling guilty at times.

Parents have to spend more time with the child with autism and they may not be able to pay enough attention to their other children.

To ensure that the other children do not feel ignored, parents can follow some simple things.

Explain to your children about autism so that they understand the medical condition of their sibling.

Information will help them cope with the environment at home without feeling left out.

Be ready to answer their questions about autism spectrum disorder. This is will help them take interest in their brother or sister with autism.

Explain to the child about how autism affects the life of their siblings. Tell them about the limitations of the child with the disorder.

Communication with your children will ensure that they stay away from negative emotions.

It will also help them feel like an important part of the family and have affection for the sibling with autism.

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