Blind girl raped in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

A blind girl became the victim of rape in the Ghaziabad area of Uttar Pradesh.

The incident is reported to have taken place on Wednesday at the rented room of the girl.

The girl was living alone at the rented room as her father suddenly passed away ten days ago.

The girl had lost her mother earlier while she was living in Mumbai. she lost her vision due to a medicine reaction.

She had moved to Delhi to get treatment for her eyes done from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi.

The girl has given her statement and said that an unknown person had come on a motorcycle and barged into her room and raped her twice.

The man then ran away after bolting the door from outside.

The landlord opened the door and rescued her but asked her to vacate the room when she told him about the rape.

The landlord also took away all her stuff saying that it would be sold to recover three months due rent.

The girl was left alone to go to the police and wondered on the street for over a day.

Her cries were heard by a tea vendor on Friday and then she was able to contact the police.

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