Blind man from Rameswaram makes a living selling palm trees

56-year-old Murugandi has always found it difficult to make ends meet. He is blind, so finding employment has always been a struggle.

So Murugandi turned to plucking and selling palm trees.

Murugandi says that life has never been easy for him. He knocked on many doors for a job and was always turned down.

To take care of himself and his family, Murugandi decided to find a job for himself. He decided to climb the palm trees and pluck the leaves, which are used at homes and temples. He sells these leaves at the local market for a small price but that is enough to feed his family.

Murugandi's wife is also blind. They have two daughters and the couple has ensured that the children complete their education.

Murugandi had to face many hardships. Thanks to his determination and family support, he has been able to overcome them.

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