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This self-driven wheelchair will move towards the direction you turn your eyes to!

A group of researchers from the Imperial College in London has created something unique for people with paralysis.

This wheelchair will help in mobility by just looking at the direction that a paralyzed person wants to go! This self-driving wheelchair will benefit thousands of people.

Researchers are trying to make it low-cost so that the wheelchair can benefit people across the world. The team has already won 50,000 dollars for their remarkable invention so that they can work more on the project.

The researchers say that the wheelchair will help paralyzed people move around in their homes and outside. All the person has to do is move their eyes in the direction they want to go to.

The wheelchair uses Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensor so that users can operate it with their eyes. Researchers say that this self-driving wheelchair will make paralyzed people independent as well.

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