This elderly doctor with low vision is helping blind people experience the joys of travel

66-year-old Cai Meiqi, a retired doctor in Chongqing in China, is helping people who are blind and have low vision to experience the joys of travel. Dr Cai does this by volunteering as a travel guide.

Dr Cai was born partially blind and has very weak vision in her left eye. She has led tours around China and to nearby countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Japan in the 10 years.

Thanks to her, many vision impaired people are getting to experience certain joys for the first time in their lives, like flying on a plane, walking on beaches, and standing on top of mountains.

Dr Cai decided to do this after meeting several visually impaired people during a massage training program. She gained their trust and they asked her to help them explore the outside world.

Dr Cai has also set up a volunteer team with her visually impaired friends called Light of Love. During their trips they often provide free massage services and mini concerts.

For her team, travel is a chance to gain confidence, courage and dignity.

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