Intense heat wave to hit India by May

Already tired of the soaring heat and high temperatures? Prepare for more.

Temperatures across India are going to go higher by next month. According to a report from weather experts, places in north India will be hit badly by the intense heat. This will lead to many heat-related illnesses. People have been asked to be careful while getting out in the sun.

Temperature in many parts of India has already hit 40 degree Celsius. It will go up to 43 degree Celsius. Places like Ahmedabad, Telengana and West Bengal will be the worst hit in the coming days.

Thunderstorms have hit many parts of India, mainly in the South. This has brought a lot of relief to people. But this will not last long and the heat waves are going to affect the southern states as well.

Experts have asked people to be careful while stepping out of their houses. Drinking plenty of water will help beat the heat inside the body to a large extent.

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