Mumbai clinic celebrates anniversary by giving free tests to elderly

Shree Sai Clinic is a multispecialty hospital in the suburban area of Mumbai.

On the occasion of its 12th anniversary, the clinic has launched an initiative for the welfare of old people.

The clinic has started giving out a privilege health card for senior citizens. This will entitle them to benefits on diagnosis, pathology, and surgical treatment.

The clinic has also provided free tests to more than 200 senior citizens. They have been tested on various parameters such as blood group, blood sugar fasting, cholesterol, urine routine, etc.

Senior citizens were also given information about dental care and joint pain by specialists.

Old age causes several health issues and needs more care and treatment. Due to various illnesses, many senior citizens become dependent on others.

Some of the most common ailments of old age include weak bones, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity,

Alzheimer's disease is also one of the most common health issues faced in old age.

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