Dengue can cause blindness in patients

Doctors in Mumbai have identified that certain cases of dengue can lead to complete blindness.

The condition called dengue retinopathy will leave the patient blind and the condition can last for a lifetime. It is a result of the body’s aggressive attempt to remove the virus from the body.

Eye specialists say there are many cases of dengue retinopathy are reported every year. Dengue is a viral fever that is carried by mosquitoes.

Once a person has recovered from dengue, its aftermath can affect some parts of the body. Sometimes it can affect the eyes and that is how dengue retinopathy happens. It causes inflammation of the retina and blood vessels, or bleeding in the retina. Eventually it can lead to loss of vision.

However it can be cured with a surgery in many cases.

Mumbai is one of the cities that is worst affected by dengue. Last year, 13,000 cases of dengue were reported in the city. Seventeen people died because of dengue.

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