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Scientists in Iran develop a wheelchair that can help disabled people stand up

Researchers at the Islamic Azad University of Pardis in Iran have designed a wheelchair that can change the position of a disabled person from sitting to standing position.

This wheelchair will help improve the quality of life and enable disabled people to carry out their daily activities independently. While in the standing position, their hands will be free. This will enable them to do a lot of activities on their own.

The multi-purpose wheelchair allows the user to sit, stand, and lie down.

The wheelchair will also help improve the health of disabled people as it will make the digestive and respiratory systems work better.

The wheelchair is run by two manual control systems and linear electric motors. It also has three jacks through which, by pushing a button, the linear motor switches from sitting to the standing position.

The person sitting on the wheelchair could be in standing position in less than 30 seconds. The wheelchair also ensures the security of the seated person with the aid of safety belts.

The wheelchair is capable of moving only in the standing position.

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