Disabled cricket - Haryana beats Uttar Pradesh in National Challenge Cup T-20 Cricket Tournament

Haryana defeated Uttar Pradesh in the finals of the second National Challenge Cup T-20 Cricket Tournament. The event was organized by the Board of Disabled Cricket Association (BDCA).

Actor Pawan Kalyan kept his promise and sent a Rs one lakh cheque to the captains of all the 24 state teams’ that took part.

The disabled cricketers were in an upbeat mood after Pawan Kalyan said he would pool in Rs one crore as corpus fund for the BDCA.

Another Telangana MP, Balka Suman, also announced a contribution of Rs two lakh to the BDCA. The Indian cricket control board said that some of the matches held by BDCA could be organized with the support of the Andhra Cricket Association.

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