Salem holds an autism awareness rally

As part of World Autism Awareness day, a rally was held in Salem in Tamil Nadu. Children with autism, parents, teachers, NGO’s and volunteers took part in the rally that happened on Tuesday. The rally was flagged off by Salem District Collector Rohini R Bhajibhakare in the presence of many prominent officials from the district.

The rally was organized by the Salem chapter of the CII Indian Women Network (IWN), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Salem district, and the Young Indians. Organizers said that the main aim of the rally was to provide awareness on autism to people. Children with autism must take part in all the events along with abled students. Inclusion is need of the hour!

Organizers said that unless autistic children have the support of society, they cannot get involved in societal activities. They must be able to exercise their rights and freedom just like any other child living in the society.

The rally was supported by TMS Eye Hospital and Saravana Hospital Private Limited in Tamil Nadu. Children who participated in the event presented dance shows and a storytelling session was also there.

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