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5 things to remember when traveling with a person with disability

April 23, 2018

Traveling with people with disabilities has become easier now thanks to technology.

However, when you are traveling with a disabled person, its good to keep some do's and dont's in mind.

Here are some tips from Jumia Travel, which is a leading online travel agency.

  • Choose your destination carefully - Make sure your choice of destination is fit for a person with a disability. Make sure its not a place where you need to walk a lot or climb many stairs. So plan your destination and the route that you will take properly.
  • Book ahead of time - Book your flight well ahead of time and inform the staff of the airline that you are using that you will be traveling with a person with a disability. This way you can avoid the luggage checks, long lines, and waiting time. You will be able to proceed through the lines prioritizing people with disabilities.
  • Do your research - People with disabilities are prioritized in many places. They are given a number of privileges in hotels, restaurants, and other facilities due to their disability. They are also given amenities and lanes solely for them so they can travel with convenience. Do your research to discover some of these places and do not hesitate to take advantage of them.
  • Consult a doctor - Certain activities may not be allowed for a particular disabled person. You must first consult a doctor if your trip may cause harm to your companion with special needs. Always carry additional pieces of medicines that will be prescribed by the doctor.
  • Stay in accessible areas - Avoid staying and going into remote areas or to places that are far from the center of your destination. Make sure you are located close enough to establishments and hospitals. This way if there is am emergency, you can provide your companion with treatment soon.

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