Hearing & speech impaired Geeta, who returned from Pakistan, gets 20 marriage proposals

The story of Geeta, the hearing and speech impaired Indian girl, who was lost in Pakistan has melted the hearts of millions across India.

Geeta was welcomed by thousands when she came back to India. The young girl has already received 20 marriage proposals from many parts of the country. Among them are priests and writers who want to make Geeta their life partner.

Gyanendra Purohit, an activist who was involved in bringing Geeta back, says he has got bio-datas from 20 people asking for Geeta’s hand in marriage.

Geeta was found on the train, Samjhauta Express, which goes from Punjab to Lahore when she was eight years old. She was later handed over to an NGO in Pakistan where she lived for many years. With the help of the Indian government, she was brought back to India.

Activists are trying to get more details about the men who have proposed so that Geeta can choose her partner. Once she decides, the government will bear the wedding expenses.

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