Delhi High Court asks Reserve Bank to consider recommendations for disabled friendly notes

An NGO and senior advocate have given a list of recommendations to the Delhi High Court asking to provide special features on bank notes that can benefit the blind. The recommendation was made by Senior Advocate SK Rungta who is blind from birth along with George Abraham, CEO of ‘Score Foundation’, an NGO that works for the blind.

Rungta along with George has put forward a few recommendations to the High Court.

  • A distinguished feature must be provided in every note for the blind to identify.
  • If a bank note or coin is withdrawn from circulation, a substitute must be provided exclusively for the blind.
  • The colour of different denomination notes must be different, and the coins for different denominations must also be made differently.
  • If the government is issuing plastic currency and notes, they must ensure that the distinguishing features are added to it.

The The Division Bench of Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C Hari Shankar has asked the central board of the Reserve Bank of India to consider these recommendations. The matter will be next heard by the Delhi High Court on July 31.

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