Delhi High Court fines parents & mental institution for torturing girl

The Delhi High Court has asked the parents of a girl who was kept in a mental institution for unlawful reasons, to pay her a fine of Rs three lakh .

The court said that the parents had violated the girl’s rights to life, liberty, privacy, and dignity.

The parents of the girl as well as the mental institution that admitted her have been fined. The institution has been directed to deposit a sum of Rs one lakh in the girl's bank account within four weeks'.

The victim had been staying in the house of her music teacher and his family for a few years when she was forcibly taken away by her parents and drugged. She was kept in the mental institution for a few months.

The girl, was in conflict with her parents, was a minor. She had approached the National Commission for Womenfor help and protection.

The Delhi High Court has asked her parents to stop interfering in her life.

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