95% of world's population lives in unsafe levels of air pollution

A recent study has said that more than 95% of people in the world live amidst unsafe levels of air pollution. Many countries in Africa, Middle East, and South Asia are affected by the increasing levels of harmful particles in the air. The World Health Organization has set guidelines to measure air pollution. The countries that are affected have already crossed these guidelines.

The study also says that one out of nine people in the world die due to air pollution. In countries in South Asia and Africa, harmful particles of minerals are found in the air. This is extremely dangerous for inhaling. Some countries in these continents burn farm land and heat homes with fossil fuels. This can create more damage to the air. Ozone levels are recorded to be at their worst in Middle East and South Asia.

22 April is celebrated as Earth Day across the world. The report has been made as part of creating an awareness on ‘Earth Day'.

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