Tips for disabled people travelling to Europe

If you are a disabled traveler and planning to travel through European countries, here is some information that can help.

  1. When travelling abroad, planning ahead is the most vital thing to do. Look for accessibility information regarding the places you wish to visit.

This will ensure that you don’t get stuck in places that are not accessible.

Some places are more disabled friendly as compared to others. Not all famous locations are accessible. Traveler can look for other locations that are more convenient for them.

  1. Book accessible hotel in advance and avoid waiting till the last moment.

Also try and talk to the staff if possible to get confirmed information about the accessibility at the hotel.

Sometimes the hotel websites may not give the correct information. Book hotel in summer if you are planning to travel in December. Most good hotels get booked earlier.

  1. A tour guide can make the trip more enjoyable for disabled travelers. Guides can help you move around a place faster while providing information about their history and features. This will save time and help you get the maximum benefit from the trip.

  2. Before travelling to a new country planning the route is advisable. Make a basic plan of the spots you wish to visit and the destinations.

This will help to utilize the travelling time in the best possible way and also save time and money.

  1. Try and stay in the central or most accessible parts of the town or city you are visiting. This will help you get better access in the locality.

    Look for accessible restaurants or shops around the place you are planning to stay at.

  2. Also check the condition or the options about transportation available locally.

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