These are the concessions given by Indian railways

A number of concessions are given by the Indian railways that lower the price of the tickets. These concessions vary according to the various categories and start from 25% to 100% discounts.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation or IRCTC website offers concession on senior citizen tickets booked online.

Other concessions can be availed at the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) counters at all the Indian Railways reservation offices. Children below 12 years are only charged 50% of the total ticket price.

Here is some information about the amount of concessions given by Indian railways.

  1. Disabled Travelers

Passengers with disabilities can avail up to 75% concession in second class, sleeper, first class, third AC, AC chair car and 50% concession in 1AC and 2AC.

25% concession is available for disabled passengers in 3AC and AC chair car of Rajdhani and Shatabadi trains. Deaf and speech impaired people travelling alone or with an escort, can avail up to 50% concession in 2nd class, sleeper and 1st class.

  1. Senior citizens

Men aged 60 years or above get 40% concession in all classes. Women who are either 58 years old or above can avail 50% concession in all classes. This concession is also available in Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains.

  1. Students

General category students going to hometown and educational tours can avail 50% concession in second class and sleeper class.

For SC/ST category of such students, the concession available is 75% in both the classes.

Girls up to graduation and boys up to class 12 between home and school are eligible for free second class monthly season ticket-MST.

  • War widows

The widows of policemen and paramilitary personnel killed in action against terrorists and extremists, widows of martyrs of operation Vijay in Kargil in 1999 can avail 75 % concession in second and sleeper class.

  1. Patients

Cancer patients traveling for treatment/periodic check-up, can avail 75% concession in second class, 1st class, AC chair car, 100% concession in sleeper and 3AC, 50% concession in 1AC and 2AC.

Thalassemia patients for treatment/periodic check-up, heart patients traveling for heart surgery. Kidney patients traveling for kidney transplant operation/dialysis can avail 75% concession in second class, 1st class and AC chair car.

50% concession is applicable for these patients in 1AC and 2AC.

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