Stronger people have healthier brains, says new study

Are you someone who loves hitting the gym? Do you enjoy your daily walking or work-out sessions? We have good news for you. A recent study has found out that stronger people have a healthier brain! People who have good muscular strength and handgrip showed better brain functioning over those who do not work out. Earlier, the same researchers had found out that aerobic exercises are also good for the brain.

Joseph Flirth is a researcher who was part of the study. He said that there is a clear connection between muscular strength and brain health. Flirth says people who have mental illnesses must try more of physical work outs. This will help improve their brain functioning. This is also applicable to people with schizophrenia, chronic depression and bipolar disorder.

Flirth added that researchers are all set to find out whether they can make the brain stronger by doing weight training exercises. If the results are positive, this will help many people with mental illnesses.

475,397 participants from across Britain were used for this study. It throws light on how important it is for a person to stay fit. Good physical health helps us in staying away from a lot of diseases. Now, it is proven how it helps in brain health as well!

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