This NGO from Kolkata helps find soulmates for the elderly!

Thikana Shimla, an NGO from Kolkata, is helping senior citizens find their soulmates! Their recent opened doors for many senior citizens to meet new people.

The NGO has been helping the elderly for many years. This new venture is a step to help cope with the loneliness in the lives of many senior citizens.

Like 69-year-old Kajol Chowdhury, who lost her husband 24 years back. She was busy raising her son all these years. Now that he has a job and is settled, Kajol says she feels very lonely.

Kajol's siblings also passed away recently and she often yearns for companionship. When she got to know of this new venture by Thikana Shimla, she was happy to meet new people.

Another senior citizen, Joyshree Mukherjee, has been divorced for the past 25 years. She has been living with her son. He has moved to a new city for work and Joyshree feels alone. She says that even if many people make fun of her, she is open to meeting potential partners.

Thikana Shimla will also help the elderly get married and move in together. If their families object, the NGO will help counsel them.

This new venture of Thikana Shimla has brought a smile to many faces.

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