Achmad Zulkarnain shoots amazing pictures even though he has no hands & legs!

Achmad Zulkarnain is a living example of how if you are truly passionate about something, then you can find a way to pursue it.

This Indonesian photographer shoots amazing pictures even though he has no hands and legs. A professional photographer, Zulkarnain has gained international attention for his work, all of which he does on his own.

Zulkarnain says he has never let his limitations stop him from pursuing his dreams. He started his journey in the world of photography by taking identity card pictures in his village.

He went on to buy a camera on credit and turned his hobby into a career.

Zulkarnain uses creative ways to go past his disability. He has his own custom-built car that allows him to travel to far places and take beautiful pictures. He uses an extra bit of skin on his arms, to push the camera shutter. His mouth turns the device on and off.

After he is done shooting, he retouches the images on his computer.

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