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BanjoMaps is a voice activated app to help blind people move around independently

Technology is advancing rapidly to make the world inclusive for people with disabilities.

Mobility devices, smartphone apps, and gadgets are helping disabled people move around safely and independently.

A new app has been introduced called BanjoMaps by a start-up in Australia. This can help blind people travel around with ease and locate their destinations.

The voice-activated app is being tested by a blind person, who is also advising the company about changes that can make it work better.

The app uses low-powered Bluetooth radio transmitters installed around a building. These connect with smartphones to help find a path to a particular destination.

The app does not depend on GPS for navigation, like some other apps -Google Maps.

The University of Technology in Sydney is also testing the app. BanjoMaps can help create a smart campus for students with disabilities and make their lives a lot easier.

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