50% of senior citizens in Ahmedabad face abuse, says new study

Recently, Gujarat University did a study on abuse of senior citizens in Ahmedabad. The study revealed that nearly 50% of senior citizens face verbal and financial abuse in their homes.

55% complained of feeling lonely, while 40% said they had to request their children for money for medical treatment.

The study was conducted by students and faculty of the Gujarat University. Over 4,000 senior citizens from middle class families in Ahmedabad were studied.

Students say that 763 elders had to face mental and physical abuse from their families. Their children do not speak to them properly. The psychological and mental health was also evaluated by the students.

Students also visited slum areas in order to get a better insight into the life of senior citizens. Here too the findings were similar.

The study stresses on the need to take care of the elderly. Many senior citizens are abused by criminals who enter their homes for robbery. Police patrolling is the need of the hour.

Government schemes for the elderly must be implemented. The elderly must make use of the rights given by the government in order to stop abuse inside their homes.

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