Modern lifestyle leads to neurological diseases in children, says study

Modern lifestyle has changed the way we live. Though quality of life has become better, there are many side effects to it. This has affected children as well. A latest study revealed that modern lifestyle has led to many neurological diseases in children!

The study says that neuro diseases that are seen in the elderly are now seen in babies. Earlier, babies used to have neuro problems like epilepsy. Now they have diseases like brain damage, childhood paralysis and fits. These neurological diseases are causing worries in parents and are a concern for doctors as well.

Doctors assert that timely detection and care are the only treatment that can be provided to children. If parents find any unusual symptoms, they must provide identify the problem and provide immediate treatment.

Crying of a baby during the time of delivery is very important. If the baby does not cry, it means that it has some kind of disorder. Doctors say that when the baby is born, its head has to be examined. If a wound or scar is seen, the baby should be given further treatment.

Timely detection and care can help the child come out of neurological problems.

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