Students are worst affected by exam stress, says expert

The numbers of students are facing anxiety and depression due to exams have risen. The numbers have increased three-fold in the last five years.

The findings also show that girls are more affected by exam pressure than boys. Eight out of 10 children who suffer from anxiety are girls.

Experts say that the mental health of children is affected due to exam pressure. However no measures are being taken to help improve their condition. School life has become extremely difficult for most students.

The biggest fear that students voice is that of fear of failure. Pressure from families is also another factor. Today, even students who are 16 years old suffer from high blood pressure. Most of them are likely to have diabetes by the time they turn 40 years old.

Also, excessive use of mobile phones is behind many problems. More than 78% of teenagers check their mobile phones in between their sleep.

Timely intervention and counselling can help better the situation. Good sleep and exercise can also better the situation.

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