Insurance companies ordered to pay up claim to elderly insurer

The District Consumer Forum in Chandigarh has fined two insurance companies for not disbursing the claims of an elderly insurer.

The companies had refused the claim stating that the insurer had not taken permission before getting a surgery done.

However, the forum has ordered Oriental Insurance Company Limited and Medi Assist Insurance TPA Private Limited to pay Rs 1.4 lakh to the elderly complainant.

The complainant, Devki Nandan Vaid and his wife took a cover from Oriental Bank Mediclaim that was valid until 2015.

Vaid’s wife underwent a cataract surgery in February 2015 and a claim of Rs 1.15 lakh was submitted to the insurance company.

After much effort, only a sum of Rs 26,267 was reimbursed to them.

The insurance companied refused to pay the full amount as their permission was not taken before the operation.

The companies have been asked by the court to pay the amount due to Vaid.

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