Para athletes Pradeep & Suvarna Raj urge parents to vaccinate kids against polio

Pradeep and Suvarna Raj are well-known para-athletes, who have represented India in many events.

They are also parents and polio survivors.

The couple were young when they suffered a polio attack. They faced many challenges, be it going to school or doing daily tasks.

Pradeep went on to play sports like cricket and table tennis, which helped strengthen him. He was able to get rid of his crutches.

Suvarna is also an avid sportsperson and has won medals in powerlifting. They have been together since 2006 when they met at a national championship.

Pradeep runs the Para Sports Foundation to support other para-athletes and is also a vocal disability rights activist.

Suvarna has her sights set on the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo, where she wants to participate in athletics.

On World Immunization Week, the couple have come together to encourage parents in India to vaccinate their children.

In 2014, the Indian government introduced the Injectable Polio Vaccine (IPV) to strengthen children’s immune systems and provide further protection from polio.

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